Creative Therapy

  • People who experience any stress, illnesses, traumatic incidents may seek creative therapy.
  • Individuals who desire to further their personal development may also seek creative therapy.
  • With creative therapy, individuals benefit from increased self awareness and enhanced ability to deal with their personal issues.
  • Individuals do not have be talented in any form of arts to benefit from creative therapy.
  • Individuals may seek private one-to-one sessions or in group environment.

Play Therapy
  • Generally effective with children from ages 3 – 12 years old, play therapy is a means for the clients to express their inner self and feelings through a natural and self-healing process.
  • When clients are playing with toys (figurines, puppets etc.), the therapist will observe and accompany the child accordingly.
  • When there is a good interpersonal relationship between the child and the therapist, the powers of play become very effective for resolving inner conflicts.
  • Parents commitment and cooperation is very important in ensuring the success of the therapy.

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