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Integrated Psychology Network Sdn. Bhd. (i-psychnet) - psychological assessments, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, addiction therapy, creative and play therapy, stress management, anger and conflict management, executive coaching, employee assistance (EAP), crisis management (CISM).

Valerie Jaques

Valerie founded Integrated Psychology Network Sdn Bhd, previously known as Psychnet Consultancy, in 1988. Besides providing therapy to individuals to promote better mental well-being, Valerie is also skilled in psychological assessment. She has expanded her services from the private and confidential setting into the organization where she develops and designs interactive and participative programs according to the needs of the organizations.

These include developing stress management trainings, stakeholder conflict management, building strength and resiliency, understanding dynamics of working relationships, assertiveness training, anger management, change management, strategic thinking in business planning, soft skills and personal development programs for various employee levels within organizations.

Valerie is certified in Critical Incidence Stress Management (CISM) both from the CISM Institute as well as the UN Department of Safety and Security. With this she has supported a few multinational organizations as well as individuals who have experienced trauma and crisis.

Her work also covers the area of career management and organizational consulting especially from 1999 to 2004 when she was part of an international outplacement and consulting firm. She expanded her scope and experience with another international organization in leadership development mainly as a feedback coach during leadership training as well as follow on coaching for leadership development. She has been active in support of employees who are retrenched and is an excellent motivator in changing mindsets towards growth and looking out for opportunities.

A passionate advocate for enhanced mental health, Valerie’s interest started during her early career days with her involvement with All Women’s Action Society in 1992, a Malaysian non-governmental organization that offers counseling in relation to women and gender issues. She has been a resource for the Asia Pacific Forum on women, law and development in 1998/99 mainly in the areas of counseling and training for women and children as well.

From 2000 to 2001, Valerie worked as the international expert in child counselling on behalf of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project based in Bangladesh. During her tenure she organized a training of trainers on psychological counselling for representatives from the Government of Bangladesh and non-governmental organizations all over the country, to offer counselling services and psychosocial development for the street children in Bangladesh who come with their traumatic experiences. The outcome of this training is a manual for counsellors addressing problems of street children in Bangladesh. She was also a key person in influencing the policies regarding children and their rights and developing guidelines and strategies in the implementation process of these policies.

She returned to Malaysia and resumed her career as a psychologist/training consultant in 2002. Teaching and guest lecturing at universities has allowed Valerie to keep abreast with recent research in the field of psychology and counselling. She is also a certified trainer with the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund.

In 2003 she ventured into the creative world using art as a therapeutic tool for people from all walks of life and has found this to be an effective approach to personal growth especially among Malaysians who are more nonverbal in expression. Today the creative forms of therapy include clay therapy, sand tray therapy, play therapy and music & movement therapy. These approaches have been used for people from various walks of life with a special focus on recovering addicts in rehabilitation.

In support to the community at large, Valerie is actively involved in giving talks to parents and students at schools and colleges and through non-governmental and religious organizations as she sees the need to assist in the growth of tomorrow's future generation.

Valerie enjoys travelling, reading, meeting people and listening to music. She speaks English and Malay fluently. Underneath all her skills, abilities and knowledge, lies a warm, friendly and easy going, adaptable person who cares for the people she works with.


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