Thida Kim

Thida holds a Master’s degree in Family and Developmental Psychology from Miriam College in the Philippines and a Master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies from Thailand. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Social Psychology at The University of Hong Kong.

For the past 8 years, she has worked as a psychologist with non-government organisations, university, private companies, and a private practise to provide psychotherapy to various type of clients with anxiety, depression, psychological trauma, family and interpersonal problems, and personality problems such as borderline personality disorder. She has also been involved in psychotherapy with clients who suffer from gender-based violence including rape, and other forms of sexual abuse. She is experienced in conducting individual counselling, group counselling, and family and couple counselling under close supervision with international supervisors. Her theoretical approaches in counselling are Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

She is also experienced in leading and conducting social research and project evaluation including mental health, migration and other development issues, gender and women issues, parenting and childcare. Her research has taken her to presentations at an international level.

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