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Psychological Assessment

Evaluates information given by clients to ascertain achievement and aptitude, intelligence level, neuropsychological make-up, occupational profile and personality.
Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy aims to aid a client to resolve life issues and increase general well-being.
Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage and family therapy targets to resolve issues between spouses and family members. Usually conducted in one-to-one sessions, an individual may choose to invite other family members in order to enhance effectiveness.
Creative Therapy

Creative therapy uses various forms of
arts to uncover the inner self and unconscious level as some individuals
are better at expressing themselves through non-verbal means.
Play Therapy

Play therapy is a structured therapeutic approach used to build the learning processes of a child. It uses a non-directive approach in allowing
children to feel safe to explore the issues that trouble them without requiring verbal language to express their thoughts and emotions.
Special Needs

This service is especially for individuals with special needs (Downs Syndrome, autism, global developmental disorders, slow learners, etc.) and their families
who may require support in caring for persons with special needs.


Information is subject to change without prior notice.