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Goh Siew Lin

Siew Lin is a Malaysia Registered and Licensed Counselor (KB, PA), graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with Bachelor of Honours Degree in Communication (1997) and later obtained a Master Degree in Counseling (2009) from Universiti Malaya.

Siew Lin began her career in the area of public relations and communication since 1997. Her 16 years of working experiences in the corporate world has provided her with a unique blend of people development skills. She has been recognized as a people person. Her deep interest in human psychology and her passion to work with people and to see them grow individually motivated her to further pursue a Masters degree in counseling.

For the past few years, Siew Lin has provided counseling services to individuals, couples and families for issues related to self transformation, self esteem, difficult life adjustment, mental health related issues, marital problems, family problems, etc. She has practiced in University Malaya Medical Centre, Brain Mind Specialist Clinic and also volunteers herself in some other non-profit organizations inclusive of the Malaysia Women Protection Centre.

Besides counseling, Siew Lin is also a facilitator for process painting or intuitive painting which is a creative therapeutic process that brings healing and freedom to those who feel trapped in their life situations.

Siew Lin speaks fluent English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese,Hokkien and Teochew dialects. She enjoys yoga, running, travelling and painting in her free time.

岫玲是一名马来西亚专业及注册心理辅导师(KB,PA)。 她拥有马来亚国民大学大众传播荣誉学士学位以及马来亚大学心理辅导硕士学位。

1997年,岫玲开始了她在公共关系及传播领域的职业生涯。 16年在企业界的工作经验帮助她建立了独特的人际交往及个人发展的能力, 让她备受他人肯定与欢迎。因为对人类心理学拥有浓厚的兴趣, 加上她对帮助他人及协助他们成长的热忱, 她决定深造并攻读心理辅导硕士学位。

岫玲在过去数年里曾为无数人士、 夫妻及家庭提供心理辅导, 辅导范围包括自我蜕变、 自尊问题、 人生困境中如何调整、 与心理健康相关的问题、 婚姻问题、 家庭问题等。 她曾在马来亚大学医疗中心及德和脑部精神科医疗中心提供心理辅导服务, 也为马来西亚妇女保护中心等非营利组织义务服务。

除了心理辅导服务, 岫玲也主持一些过程绘画/自觉绘画的活动。 过程绘画/自觉绘画是一个以创作为媒介的治疗过程, 能帮助那些觉得被生活所困的人士达到疗愈作用和心灵自由。

岫玲通晓英文、 马来文、 中文以及多种方言包括广东话、 福建话及潮州话。 闲暇时她喜欢练习瑜伽、 跑步、 旅行和绘画。

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