Employee Assistance Programme

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a long-term preventive approach to maintain mental and emotional well-being and sustain productivity and performance of employees.
  • It is a comprehensive worksite-based designed to help identify and facilitate the resolution of behavioural, health and productivity problems that may adversely affect the well-being or job performance of an employee.
  • EAP’s area of specialization includes aspects of mental health assessment, referral and follow up support for both personal and work based issues such as, emotional and physical health, family conflicts, relationship issues, difficulties dealing with work stress, addiction/drug related problems, crisis/critical incidents, financial, legal and other personal concerns that may affect employees and their dependents.
  • Any of these issues left untreated may interfere with effective job performance, attendance, retention and overall quality of work. Another specialization of EAP is in providing strategic consultation, problem identification and solution management regarding complex employee relations issues.
  • EAP advocates better work-life balance for the employees, ensuring both mental and emotional well-being.
  • As a result, organisations benefit from a more resilient workforce amid challenging times, reduced absenteeism, lower medical costs, higher productivity and morale.

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